Miracle Scotland Database Forum – Day One

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I’m trying to make this blog from my Blackberry. I’m a little slow and I’d rather focus on the excellent presentations of the subject conference so I’ll try to make it short.

Yesterday was the opening and I should say it was great — nice tour on the Whiskey Heritage Center and couple interesting and humorous sessions delivered by Jonathan Lewis and Graham Wood combined with whiskey tasting. The evening obviously continued after that but you can assume that anyway if you know what I’m talking about.

Finally, today… The day started badly – I had to wake up at 2am Ottawa time just to figure out that I’m sleeping on the floor of smoking room and that I forgot my hygienic stuff at Doug’s house yesterday. Why on the floor you ask? No worries, I wasn’t so drunk yesterday to collapse somewhere. The problem is that my hotel reservations was canceled — apparently it was booked one day earlier than I expected — stupid me didn’t check the reservation. But the funny thing is that it was canceled due to “no show”. So I should be quite happy to be able to sleep at least somewhere.

Obviously, I was late for the first presentation which, by the way, was a masterpiece from Doug Burns about DTrace. The next presentation was from Carel-Jan, Mr. Standby, about, well, standby. Unfortunately, I’ve been a little busy with some conference logistics and instead had to enjoy a walk through the Castle in “beautiful” Scotish weather.

The third presentation was mine. The first 5 minutes were probably the best because Doug stole them from my time to present yet another award to Mr. CBO, Jonathan Lewis. Since Doug started talking, I had to remind him about the boys and couple of them did make it out of the box — my favorite one and one Canadian. ;-)

That’s all folks. For now… Stay tuned — more to come!

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