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As the the Icelandic volcano ashes are clearing out and we finally have high hopes of flight home, I want to post the slides of the two presentations I did.

My first presentation was a double slot session about Oracle Clusterware internals. Presenting first thing in the morning on the first day is not easy at this event. Miracle Open World traditionally organized as 160% conference with 80% of technical content and 80% of networking and social interactions. Of course, the last 80% go deep into the night. Needless to say that 5am wake up call was tough — I had to craft few more slides to add some 11gR2 information and publish the first production of We Do Not Use TV Studio.

But I felt surprisingly well and fresh. The presentation itself was quite dynamic and all demos worked as planned except pausing OPROCD — 50/50 that eviction happens during my actions and it took me 10 time to repeat it. I couldn’t recall that I was lucky more than twice in a row until that session but… things happen. You can see the slides below for the reference. However, without the text and demos behind the slides, they are not very useful I’m afraid.

The second presentations was way more difficult for me to carry — not only because it was the topic that I much less proficient with but because the previous night was even longer and more intense with waterpark adventures (and I tell you, it was the best waterpark ever — well done!). The good news is that both I and Graham Wood went to bed at the same time and we had our presentations at the same slot (and I think we consumed comparable amount of magic liquids). Of course, we woke up synchronously and been in sync the whole day including our conditions that we managed to significantly improve before 11:30am when our sessions started. I was afraid that it may turn into disaster but it turned out to be reasonably well especially that I had an excuse if I couldn’t remember what I was talking about — I just reached out for the water and everyone could understand. :)

So my second presentation was about how we designed and run 1TB MySQL database in high availability setup. I’m not a hardcore MySQL DBA but learned enough about it to talk smart things and thanks to my special interest in everything HA, I actually could talk real deal. Slides are here for your reference.

Perhaps, I manage to publish more details and photos from that fantastic conference later so stay tuned. For now, I could tell that it was the longest Oracle conference ever.

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What does it take to be chief technology officer at a company of technology experts? Experience. Imagination. Passion. Alex Gorbachev has all three. He’s played a key role in taking the company global, having set up Pythian’s Asia Pacific operations. Today, the CTO office is an incubator of new services and technologies – a mini-startup inside Pythian. Most recently, Alex built a Big Data Engineering services team and established a Data Science practice. Highly sought after for his deep expertise and interest in emerging trends, Alex routinely speaks at industry events as a member of the OakTable.

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