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There has been some chatter at Oracle Open World (OOW) about the next release of the database. They will be calling it Oracle Database 12c (for Cloud) and it is expected in the 16-18 month timeframe from this version of OOW. Oracle has made no commitment to this time frame, but satiated the appetite of CORE database people by giving an update with no firm dates.

Some late-breaking solutions have been discussed throughout the show so far and Oracle is nicely leveraging their acquisition of Sun Microsystems to facilitate the smart direction they have taken with hardware.

I am attending Publisher’s Day at OOW and a gentleman is now discussing the functionality they are concentrating on in Solaris 11 that lends itself well to the cloud-computing direction the industry is following. They are attending to the platform-specific features that provide turnkey support for the applications their install community are deploying and currently coming down the corporate applications’ pipeline.

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