My Broken Planet MySQL feed..

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As those of you with an interest in MySQL may have seen, I’ve recently surged into the list of “Most Active Authors” on Planet MySQL, alas I’m not as prolific a blogger as it may seem, and this is purely down to an error with the feed I submitted to Planet MySQL.

Having recently joined Pythian’s MySQL team, in anticipation of my first blog post, I was eager to add my blog feed to Planet MySQL for aggregation.  Unfortunately in my haste I pasted the link to my blog as opposed to the blog feed and as the link was erroneous, Planet MySQL recursed back up the url until it reached a valid feed.  Unfortunately for me, that was the main Pythian Blog feed and as a result all Pythian blog content is now getting aggregated under my name.

As there’s no way for me to fix this directly, I’m working with Oracle to resolve the issue asap and will hopefully have a resolution soon. Until then I apologize for any noise caused by posts that aren’t directly MySQL related.

The moral of the story here is to use the Feed Validator helpfully linked to by Planet MySQL, and heed it’s advice if it tells you there may be an issue with your feed!

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