My Final Day in Perth

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Connor McDonald picked me up at the hotel and took me to some local lake to see the local fauna and flora. Lots and lots of tour buses stop there because they have black swans there and lots of tourists want to see them. There is a whole flock of ducks on the shore that are used to humans and were in no hurry to rush off when we got close.

After a quick detour, we headed to Cotteslow beach. It is one of the nicest of the “Western Beaches”. We got changed in the public change rooms and then went swimming in absolutely gorgeous aquamarine water, with lots of waves. Today I learned that if the wave is about to break, you go underwater and INTO the wave. The bigger the wave, the lower you go! If you stay at the top you will get picked up and tossed around. Yup….that happened to me!!

Afterwards, we sat on the beach and chatted for a while soaking up sun. It was sur-real. It felt like I was at a tropical paradise on some warm tropical island. It was hard to believe we were there sitting on the sand, just a few hours away from my having to fly away. I don’t think I had ever before actually done an activity on the same say I fly out…I am always busy rushing and buzzing about. It was amazing. I could definitely live like this !!!

We swung by Connor’s place after where Gillian made me an awesome avacado, ham, cheese and tomato sandwich on fresh home-made bread. Totally scrumptious. The famous Max McDonald decided he would like to see me off at the airport and he came for the drive. Max LOVES construction equipment and pointed out every crane on the way. Max also really enjoyed the tunnel and was practically squealing in delight.

The Perth Airport, is kinda like the old Ottawa airport used to be…only smaller. It was warm and muggy ( 37C in Perth ) and the air conditioning was not working. Would not have been so bad if the plane had not been three hours late. There was a fluid spill in our original plane and we had to have a replacement plane provided.

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