MySQL Conference 2010 – Day 1

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Well the first day has come and gone and I really enjoyed my first day as a newbie. The keynote from Oracle was well received, they touched on the new Beta version of MySQL and the new mysql enterprise which to a trained oracle eye is looking more and more like Grid Control. The end result is providing more instrumentation to help the DBA but I am a little disappointed that a lot of that instrumentation is not actually in the database itself which forces you to buy the product.

The O’Reilly Keynote provided some interesting glimpse into the future.

There is a strong contingent from Facebook and those sessions are just packed with everybody wanting to know how they scale their infrastructure.

The spider storage engine presentation tweaked by interested with the promise of vertical partitioning…I’ll have to try that when I come back.

My presentation “Better Database Debugging for Shorter Downtimes” went fairly well for a first timer:). There was about 70-80 people attending and most of them stay till the end.



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Good talk Robert!


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