MySQL Conference 2012 – The Keynotes (2)

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The next keynote is from Marten Mickos, now with Eucalyptus systems, previously CEO of MySQL AB. He talked about making LAMP a Cloud. No surprises there: Eucalyptus is the leading open-source cloud computing platforms for on-premise use.

We were treated with a brief history of MySQL, the first MySQL conference in 2003, Eucalyptus, and how the two tie together. It is true that MySQL has been the most common database platform in the cloud. Certainly, the other big databases are lagging when it comes to adoption and deployment in the cloud. One comment from Marten that resonates with us at Pythian and others in the MySQL services business – Oracle definitely needs to build out the partner ecosystem around MySQL.

There were some good insights from Marten on how the database and software paradigm has evolved from scale-up to scale-out, from closed-source to open-source, and from distributions to “Stacks” (eg LAMP) to APIs and interoperability. MySQL has evolved through all of these changes and continues to do so.



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