MySQL Conference and Expo – 2012 and our company offsite

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Last week was a huge week for PalominoDB.  I will admit to being cautiously optimistic about Percona taking over this conference – one of the biggest parts of the year for the MySQL community.  That being said, the conference was done quite well.  I really applaud Percona for making it happen.  In particular, the dot org pavillion was an excellent addition.  While I was stuck at the booth most of the event, I had a great view for the sheer variety of attendees coming through, and had the privilege of participating in a number of excellent conversations.

I noticed a number of patterns that seemed to prevail among the conversations.  Folks seem eager to move on to MySQL 5.5, finally comfortable with its stability.  Administrators are eager to learn more about MariaDB and Drizzle, and how they can differentiate themselves from the Oracle variants.  Partitioning is more prevalent as datasets grow, and sharding is becoming almost commonplace.  Now the focus is more on the challenging questions around HA – multi-master, synchronous replication and multi-datacenter installations.  People seem more interested in commercial additions around the MySQL ecosystem such as Tungsten, TokuDB, ScaleArc, Scalebase and Clustrix.

René Cannao, one of our senior administrators did a great tutorial on understanding performance through measurement, benchmarking and profiling.  Feedback has been great, and we look forward to continuing to evolve our benchmarking and profiling methods.  Please keep an eye out.

Additionally, we were able to announce a very exciting partnership with SkySQL.  PalominoDB focuses on operational excellence by providing top DBAs to our clients.  We dig in to our clients’ architectures and improve them, maintain them and help redesign them as they grow.  Our oncall services are top notch, regularly answering pages in under 5 minutes – and always providing a talented and experienced DBA on the other end of the phone.  What we don’t do is software support.  It’s just not our experience.  We can tune it, run it and grow it, but for clients who need to dig into code, fix bugs and really provide deep internals knowledge in MySQL – SkySQL are who we turn to.   We are also quite excited to help augment SkySQL’s excellent services with our own – to create some of the happiest customers out there.

We are thrilled to see our partnership ecosystem grow, our service offerings expand and knowledge of our brand and the quality of services continue to improve.  I can’t help but glow with pride at the reputation PalominoDB has built – through our DBAs, our clients and our partners.  Being a part of the MySQL  conference and expo only cemented this pride in community, and pride in our work.  Thank you to everyone who has helped us get there.

Thank you all of you!

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