MySQL News (May 10, 2012)

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This week has been rather calm.

I was busy with day-to-day work but had some spare time to use on simple implementations and tests. My work was related to Tablespace management in 5.6 and Table partition EXCHANGE. You can read the articles here.

I have also started to dig a little bit more in the details of Mongo’s architecture, given the need to have it properly reviewed and implemented in parallel with MySQL installations. As for news and reviews, I was interested in a couple of articles:

Interesting article from Vadim about SSD. This is more of a suggested reading then one I can comment on.

What really makes me unhappy was the article coming from Mark Callaghan, not because of the article or the old blog from Domas, but because we are still there. I am not working as a developer in the MariaDB or MySQL team, but I really wonder why this has not been addressed already.

The post coming from Mark once again raises some point about the blog done by Domas on MySQL connection handling. The fact that FB is patching the code and implementing a solution like the one described is encouraging. We know that it has been an issue for far too long, and having it re-written/optimized seems not to be an impossible task. So why has it not been done already?

Finally, and this is related to what I was just doing today, the Joy and Pain of MySQL cluster, as I would call it.

Dealing with MySQL cluster is not an easy task from a DBA’s point of view, and having the possibility to use a tool to facilitate the work is a great advantage. I have not used the Cluster manager yet, but given that I am currently working on a cluster installation, I will give it a try. The only annoying thing is that the software seems to not be really GA, but on trial, which is not the same thing.

That is all for this week, but let me say that I have few things in store. I hope to have them ready soon!



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Hi Marco
would be great to get your feedback on MySQL Cluster Manager

It is GA, and part of the Commercial Carrier Grade Edition – a little like MySQL Enterprise Monitor, so the trial itself is for evaluation – but you get the full, production ready release


Hi Mat, but in trial we do have only 32 bit right?
So if I want to try the real behaviour, say of MySQL Cluster the kernel blocks on a 64 platform, I have no way.

Please correct me if I am wrong, I am doing test right now so if I am pointing in the wrong direction, I would be more then happy to be corrected.


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