The MySQL Plug-in for Oracle Grid Control 10g and 11g

If you are looking for the plugin for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, it’s here.

This is the homepage of the MySQL Monitoring Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g and 11g Grid Control, a development project sponsored by The Pythian Group. The plug-in extends monitoring capabilities of Grid Control so that DBAs with heterogeneous environments can monitor MySQL systems using the same tool they use for Oracle products such as Oracle Databases and Application Servers.

With this plug-in, a DBA can add a new MySQL target just as they can an Oracle database. Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent doesn’t have to be running on the same host as the monitored MySQL database. I.e., remote monitoring of the MySQL database using one or two agents is possible. This is very important as many administrators prefer to keep server software stack at bare minimum whereas Oracle Agent is often considered somewhat heavy and bulky to install.

MySQL targets behave in the same way as any other Grid Control targets, including availability monitoring, performance metrics collections, configurations management, alerts notifications, and reports.

The datasheet is available here.


Version Notes
  • Fixed “#08S01Bad handshake” bug in Net::MySQL
  • Improvements in Net::MySQL to make it work with 4.1.22 (and probably older) by Nigel Williams from RMIT University
  • Tested with Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10g Release 5 (
  • Fixed the bug with connections not closed properly
  • Fixed bug that caused collection to hang and time-out (Net::MySQL bug — not recognizing a final packet in result-set)
  • Fixed bug that caused collection processes to spin on CPU (Net::MySQL bug when zero length packet returned from the socket — very weird why it happens)
  • Fixed few bugs in Commands and Executions report – graphs produced errors from time to time
  • Removed columns Compression and Tc_log_% in Others metric
  • Changed metric Opened_tables into ratio per second
  • Perl Net::MySQL package is used
  • No MySQL client is required
  • Fully compatible with Windows
  • Unix sockets support
  • Visible error message when target is down
  • Commands statistics collection improved
  • Changed default collection frequency for network, joins and sort statistics
  • “Processes by Action” metric is improved
  • Certified by Oracle
  • Added optional path to mysql binary
  • Few minor bug fixes
  • The first public beta release 0.42

Please follow this link to view requirements

Oracle has certified this plug-in as the official MySQL plug-in for Oracle Grid Control.

To go directly to the download page, click below:

MySQL Plugin for Grid Control

The plug-in is distributed as a Management Plug-in Archive (MPA) — a .jar file that can include one or more Management Plug-ins. The file is zipped so make sure you unzip it before installation and importing it to the Grid Control.

Please follow this link to view the installation manual

Issues with a specific release, new feature requests and etc. can be posted on the blog posts in category MySQL Plug-in for Oracle Grid Control.