The MySQL Plug-in for Oracle Grid Control — Requirements

This page contains requirements for the latest version of MySQL Management Plug-in for Oracle 10g Enterprise Manager.

To download the plugin, please visit the download page:

MySQL Plugin for Oracle Grid Control

Oracle Management Server

The MySQL Management Plug-in requires Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Release 3 ( or higher. The preferred version is and this is the version used for development.

Oracle Management Agent

The MySQL Management Plug-in requires Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Management Agent or higher. Prior releases might work but are not guaranteed.


The MySQL Management Plug-in works on Linux, Windows and UNIX platforms that are supported by the Oracle Management Agent. The development environmet is Linux but it’s built with platform/OS independence in mind.

Monitored MySQL versions

The MySQL Management Plug-in can monitor MySQL version 4.1, 4.0 and 5.1. It supports both master and slave servers. It doesn’t support MySQL Cluster-specific monitoring. Support for MySQL 6.0 and MySQL clusters is planned.
The plug-in should work with any additional storage engine but won’t support monitoring of engine specific settings that are not implemented. For example, the plug-in works on MySQL cluster but won’t capture any cluster specific metrics and configuration.

Remote monitoring

As of version 1.1, the plug-in uses Perl native MySQL client interface Net::MySQL and does *NOT* require installation of MySQL client on the host with Oracle Management Agent.

Monitoring of remote MySQL servers requires installation of the MySQL client on the host where Oracle Management Agent is running. The simplest way to do that on Linux, for example, is to install mysql-client package.