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Oracle recently released new beta version for the ORAchk utility. If you are an Oracle DBA and still not friendly with the utility, I advise you to try it out. In short, the utility is a proactive tool and scan your system for known issues providing an excellent report in html format. In addition to that, you are getting collection manager to manage reports for multiply databases, check for upgrade readiness and other features. I strongly recommend trying the utility and using it regularly.
You can download the new version of the ORAchk, Health Check Catalog and all related support files and guides from Oracle support (Document 1268927.2). Simply unzip the ORAchk to a directory and run the orachk preferably as root since it allows to execute all system wide checks. Here is an example:

[[email protected] u01]$ mkdir orachk
[[email protected] u01]$ cd orachk/
[[email protected] orachk]$ unzip ../distr/
Archive: ../distr/
inflating: CollectionManager_App.sql
inflating: sample_user_defined_checks.xml
creating: .cgrep/
[[email protected] orachk]$ su -
[[email protected] ~]# cd /u01/orachk/
[[email protected] orachk]# ./orachk

At the end you are getting an html report and zip file with results of all executed checks:

Detailed report (html) – /u01/orachk/orachk_bigdatalite_orcl_012816_151905/orachk_bigdatalite_orcl_012816_151905.html

UPLOAD(if required) – /u01/orachk/

The report is really good looking, split to different sections, and allows you to hide or show checks based on their status.

I compared the new version against The execution time for the new version was 3 minutes versus 8 minutes for the old one. The new format for report was way more usable; you don’t need to jump back and forth since result for every check expand on the same place.
If you haven’t used the utility so far I highly recommend you download and try it out.

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