Nick Westerlund: Narak iktar tard!

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On the 23rd of June 2008, I wrote a note saying that I had just joined Pythian. Today I am posting a similar, but different, note saying that as of the last of September, I will no longer be employed by Pythian, the time has come to look for new challenges. Although I am sad to leave, I do look forward to the future and what it may hold for me.

I wanted to take this moment to thank Pythian for having me, for having such great co-workers whom I count myself lucky to have worked with. I also want to give a special thanks to Augusto for taking care of me when I first joined, and showing me around how the company works. I must thank Paul as well—he is an exceptional person to work with, and I’ve come to value his opinion and expertise very highly.

I will still be around. I will be working with MySQL, and I will be active (probably even more than currently) in blogging, in conferences, and in the MySQL community—so you have not seen the last of me. It’s been a great time so far, and I intend to make even more of it in the future, to involve myself much more than I have done so far.

As a closing note, I want to address a concern I had in that very first blogpost, and that was, if it’s cold in Canada in July—and I can tell you that it is! I had to wear a jacket (even during the day!). I also fondly remember some days talking to the team from here in Malta, and someone reported a temperature -23C, and I look outside and it’s +19, so I guess that comparing Ottawa with Malta may not be the easiest, nor the most fair, comparison. It’s like poutine versus pastizzi!

Thanks, and we will be in touch. I hope to see you all around the world and to cross paths again! As we say in Maltese, Narak iktar tard!

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Good luck Nick! Stay in touch!
I hope to visit you in Malta one day!


Nick! Me too… connect to me with tripit and we’ll make sure to see each other when our paths intersect. Cheers and best wishes.



Good luck Nick

I’m impressed to see how many Arabic words are in Maltese Phrases.

Narak = “we see U” in Arabic

I can also see Italian and french.No wonder , this island was a trade hub one day.


Nicklas Westerlund
September 25, 2009 3:49 pm

@Alex: Thanks, you are welcome anytime.
@Paul: Will do. Thanks, good luck in the future.
@Mohammed: Indeed, there is a lot of various languages included in Maltese, that is one of the reasons its so intriguing really. But hey, we are still a trade hub, there’s one of the largest freeports in europe here.. So loads of ships come in and out every single day.


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