Oracle is Now Available for Exadata

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Since Oracle came out last September, there have been questions about Exadata availability. As of today, the patchset is now available.

Reviewing the upgrade document (MOS note 1373255.1) a few things that jumped out at me:

  • There is already a bundle patch ( BP1, patch 13343057) that must be installed directly after the DB upgrade
  • If running, a bugfix for unpublished bug 12539000 Synchronization problem in the IPC state affects ASM rolling upgrade and is required. BP12/13 have it (though the installer will still complain and must be ignored on install), and there are backports for BP7 through BP11.
  • A recent storage server version ( is required, though with the critical issues fixed in, An upgrade there is probably in order.
  • Install happens in a new ORACLE_HOME that should not be under /opt/oracle (presumably due to storage space limitations)
  • Automatic memory management must be permanently disabled in the ASM instance, in favor of fixed SGA and PGA targets. Keep in mind that AMM would have prevented ASM from using hugepages in the past, and should be explicitly disabled with use_large_pages as part of the change.
  • As for other database version upgrades, the data dictionary update requires system-wide downtime, though this can be minimized using a logical standby or GoldenGate.

Hat tip to R. Kundersma’s blog for the notification.



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OEL must be upgraded to 5.5 in order to appply BP13


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