Oracle 11G SCAN – RAC SIG webcast FOLLOW-UP post

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In this post:

  • Good quality diagrams from the Web Cast
  • Questions you asked during the Web Cast
  • Special thanks …

Just less than 24 hours ago I presented my paper Oracle 11G SCAN: Concepts and implementation experience sharing for friendly RAC SIG community.

First of all let the say huge thanks to all guys who showed up and participated. It was my honor to present for you. And your support keeps me working hard and share all I know.

If you like my presentation I need you help in getting it accepted for the coming Oracle OpenWorld 2011.

Please spend 10 minutes of your valuable time and VOTE for the presentation here Oracle MIX (Please Please Please HELP :)

For others who didn’t participate it is a chance to here it again therefore vote Oracle MIX :)

If you would like to help me even more than please live your VOTES for all 5 my submissions here.

Thank you guys in advance!

Good quality diagrams from the Web Cast

From my side as promised I am publishing good resolution diagrams used in the presentations:

SCAN Network Details

SCAN Network Details

Service's way to Client

Questions you asked during the Web Cast

The following are questions that you asked during the session. Be sure I will do my best to answer your questions in thins blog during next following weeks. Please do not hesitate to add any other SCAN related questions in the comments of that post:

NOTE: I didn’t edit the questions and providing those in original version from the session’s chat


from Rick Blythe:

could you bring up your scan architecture diagram again ? maybe even discuss what happens during failure events – how scan connection still works when node dies/ when local listener dies/when scan listener dies…

from Anand Sathyamurthy:

Yury great presentation, great thoughts. how to connections in ebsusinessuite in tns_admin

from Pascal:

Hello Yury, thank you for a Great Presentation!

=>Qn. 1

I have a Question regarding SCAN and Static Listeners.

How to configure or integrate Static Listeners in a RAC Environment which is using SCAN? This is required for instance when using Data Guard.

Do we have to configure the Static Listener SID_LIST Entries

under the LISTENER_SCAN* entries in the listener.ora File also?

=>Qn. 2

Another Question regarding EZConnect and Connect Time Failover

Is it possible to use EZConnect Method with Load Balancing/Connect Time Failover when using SCAN?

=>Qn. 3

Is it supported to use the old style connect strings using VIPs in the tnsnames.ora File for connecting to RAC 11gR2?

from Yong:

Yury: Do regular and SCAN listeners both have to know node load stats? If yes, isn’t it duplicate?

from Babu Srinivasan:

so if i stop and start .. will it interrrupt the new connections?

from Yong:

I thought he only warned about not starting listener from DB Oracle_home, which is best practice.

from Babu Srinivasan to Everyone:

endpoints listener.ora for clusters .. what should be the entries in them .. how it is managed?

from deepak to Everyone:

what is the problem using “Oracle” user instead of “Grid” – which I thought is really an optionall user during GI install ?

from David Start:

have you run into any issues with clients on windows caching the first ip address that dns returns and not round robining


Special thanks …

I specially would like to mentions those people who gave me a good feedback during the presentation:

  • Himanshu Arora
  • Daniel
  • Sachin
  • Raghav
  • Babu Srinivasan
  • Nitin
  • Deepak
  • Pascal
  • Rick Blythe
  • Eric Grancher
  • Rick Michaud
  • Anand Sathyamurthy
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Can you please send me link to the audio/web presentation. I would like to review and vote.


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