Oracle 11g: The Perfection of a Masterpiece – Open World 2007

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This was the presentation I gave at Open World 2007. It went pretty well, judging by how full the room was. I estimate more than 300 people attended.

Although the title may sound a bit like a sales pitch, the content is more substantial. It covers the features that are ready to use out-of-the-box, things that will make your life easier from day one, without any kind of “implementation” procedure. One-line changes do not count as implementation.

I was please to recognize a few of Pythian’s clients in the crowd. They came to see me after the session to say how much they liked it. Judging by how lively the audience was, especially in the wake of the big conference party, I would say most people enjoyed it.

I saw a few people take pictures of my slides, and had some ask me for the slides. As promised, here they are: 11g: The Perfection of a Masterpiece.

I will next be going to the UK Oracle User Group Conference in December giving my presentation on memory. I look forward to seeing you there.

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An Oracle ACE with a deep understanding of databases, application memory, and input/output interactions, Christo is an expert at optimizing the performance of the most complex infrastructures. Methodical and efficiency-oriented, he equates the role of an ATCG Principal Consultant in many ways to that of a data analyst: both require a rigorous sifting-through of information to identify solutions to often large and complex problems. A dynamic speaker, Christo has delivered presentations at the IOUG, the UKOUG, the Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group, Oracle Open World, and other industry conferences.

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I liked your presentation at the UKOUG – well done. I liked a lot too, you look way cute.

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alter tablespace payroll encrypt;


Regular tablespaces cannot be converted to encrypted tablespaces. Instead, data must be transferred manually using export/import, “ALTER TABLE … MOVE …” or “CREATE TABLE … AS SELECT * FROM …”.

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