Oracle Database Appliance – Urgent Patch

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Just a quick heads up to the ODA customers — there is a critical patch out that is applied on top of ODA patch bundle This patch has an important fix for a bug causing ODA servers to shutdown in some situations when an ASM disk is lost.

The patch number is 13817532 and it’s applied online on both nodes without any downtime. The patch contains the update of Oracle Appliance Kit (OAK) component only and basically restarts oakd daemon only without touching the database instances, ASM or Grid clusterware.

By the way, the MOS note listing all the latest ODA patch bundles is “Oracle Database Appliance – 2.1 Supported Versions & Known Issues” conveniently numbered as 888888.1. Even ODA support note numbering is simplified. :)

One last thing — that note references bare metal restore ISO image so that you can use it to restore ODA directly to instead of having to start previous levels and apply patch bundles or other patches. The bare metal restore process is described in MOS note 1373599.1.

Must be an ODA day at Pythian… It’s my 3rd ODA blog today.

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