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I always followed all Oracle OpenWorld happenings through blogs, but this is the first OpenWorld that I physically attended. Michael Abbey‘s tips for OOW first-timers were a godsend for me. They helped me navigate OOW like a pro.

Being an Oracle E-Business Suite DBA for almost 10 years, my primary focus was Oracle R12-related sessions. But the System Administrator in me swayed into a Solaris Roadmap Session as well.

As a Pythian representative at Oracle E-Business Suite ATG Customer Advisory Board, I got to meet Steven Chan, Lisa Parekh, Elke Phelps, Vishal Gupta, Santiago Bastidas, Kevin Hudson, Max Arderius, and many other key personalities in Ebiz field on Saturday at the ATG CAB Meetup. We got a glimpse of what’s coming up in R12.2, but the Oracle Team was tight-lipped about the R12.2 release dates.

When people persistently asked Steven Chan about R12.2 updates, he left a teaser at the E-Business Suite SIG meeting on Sunday saying that we might hear something tomorrow.

Another session to remember on Sunday was the Southern Ontario OAUG meeting. Len Taylor, who chaired it, made it a fun way to network with fellow Canadians. His tips on how to spot good Ebiz sessions were awesome. If we are looking for EBiz release dates, we need to look for “Cliff Godwin”. If we are looking for upcoming features, we should search for “Roadmap”.

The opening keynote was amazing. One of my fellow OOWer commented: “It’s movie time!” Indeed, it felt like an IMAX Movie. Larry’s witty jokes on Oracle Sales guys ready to make a deal and belittling EMC VMAX throughout numbers with Exadata X3 numbers were fun. I was thrilled to see Pythian Folks’ tweets on the big screen at the end of Welcome Keynote.

I went into Cliff Godwin’s EBiz Roadmap presentation on Monday, hoping to hear about R12.2 release dates, but was disappointed to hear nothing about it. All we got is 1 year Exception Support for 12.1 and 11.5.10 customers, which is basically a 1 year extra Extended support. You can read more about it here. But the Endeca integration with Oracle E-Business Suite demo was a highlight of this session. I got to see more Endeca in action at Osama Elkady’s session.

Another important session on Monday was Ebiz Future directions: Deployment and System Administration by Max Arderius. This session gave me more insight into R12.2 Installation, filesystem, patching, and cloning aspects.

Kevin Hudson’s session on Online Patching was another highlight for Ebiz at this OpenWorld. It gave more technical details on how Online Patching works in R12.2 using Editioning Views, Cross Edition Triggers, and Editioned Data Storage. I am planning to do a more detailed blog post on R12.2 architectural changes & Online patching in coming weeks.

Elke Phelps promised a simplified documentation for EBiz Integration with OAM for the upcoming 11.1.2 release in her session on Integrating Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle Identity Management Solutions. I couldn’t agree more with her; the current OAM integration document is too complex to comprehend.

While I was strolling through the Exhibition halls, I ran into a couple of my ex-colleagues. It was wonderful to see them after so many years. The overall Technical quotient of Ebiz sessions is good. But Openworld is all about the networking of bright minds! See you soon with more R12.2 blog posts !

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