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Oracle OpenWorld is always an exciting and energizing experience. This year was no different! There are always a big laundry lists of new service offerings and upcoming release information during OpenWorld. This year, the major buzz is Oracle Cloud. Oracle Cloud offerings actually shadowed lot of other imported product updates at OpenWorld.

In the databases area, Oracle announced database 12c Release2 beta program. Now we can have in-memory options enabled in Active Data Guard as well. And Markus Michalewicz session “Introducing the Next Generation of Oracle Real Application Clusters [CON8769]” gave a very good insight into DB 12cR2 RAC new features. Features like Node Weighing during evictions, Domain Service Clusters and Member Clusters.

In the Middleware area, Larry announced weblogic multitenant 12cR2.

Coming to Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle announced EBS 12.2.5 just few days before OpenWorld. And Almost all OpenWorld EBS sessions were filled with 12.2.5 updates. Cliff Godwin announced new functional updates in 12.2.5 and also confirmed that there will be 12.2.6, 12.2.7 and 12.3 in future. You can get a full list of updates from the Oracle E-Business Suite Learning Stream and this press release. On the technology side, 12.2.5 introduced new Alta UI, which is tablet friendly. 12.2.5 also introduced new tools like adopmon to monitor online patching cycle and adcfgclone dualfs=yes to parallelize patch and run fs configuration during a clone. adop validate option to validate the EBS techstack before even starting online patching. Also now oracle certified Oracle Unified Directory with EBS Release 12.2.5.

Coming to the main buzz of the event Oracle Cloud, there are two things I liked the most.

  1. Oracle Key Vault – Centralized On-Premise Key Manager for the Enterprise through which Client can control their Cloud data.
  2. Oracle Audit Vault – Audit Trails managed by the Customer using an on-premise system, which can help analyze, audit data and detect breaches. I think these two features will set apart Oracle from other Cloud providers.

For the people who are looking for OpenWorld presentation PPTs or PDFs, you can find most of them online.


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