Oracle Exadata V1 Documentation is Published

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Update: it looks like the link is no longer available

I was searching for some Exadata-related wait events, and noticed some hits popping up from formerly closely-held Exadata documentation. Upon closer look, I found the full Exadata V1 user’s guide.

I hope the V2 documentation will be posted soon.

For current Exadata users, the current documentation set is available on any of your storage servers, in /usr/share/doc/oracle/Exadata.



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Good find, Marc, thanks for pointing this out.


thank you.
but I found http error 404, after I clicked.. in content


Drats. The link is no longer available.


Indeed, it looks like the link no longer works. I’ll update the post.


like I said…good find :-)


the docs on storage server(cell01) just owner guide and storage user guide is useful. there are nothing others valued on it.


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