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Live from Larry:
Exalogic elastic cloud

1 “box” has
30 servers 2-socket x 6-core
Infiniband networking
HA integrated storage appliance

Linux or Solaris
Single patch for all components

Stay tuned here for Pythian commentary on the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, as soon as it has been announced!

So on our way from the Exadata Partner Briefing session to Moscone West, we went down to the tunnels by the keynote halls, and we saw some new branding that we had not yet seen.

A bit of googling brought up this recent trademark application this seals it for us: It’s going to be called Oracle Exalogic.

It is being given equal billing in front of the keynotes with Exadata, and it appears as Exalogic Elastic Cloud on the larger Exalogic-only banner.

So we don’t know what exactly it’s going to be yet, but we have a confirmation of what Oracle’s leading Oracle Openworld new technology announcement this year.

Once properly announced, we’ll update this post and blog some commentary on the announcement details!

exalogic elastic cloud
exalogic ironman



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Like most things Oracle, this too will probably be lame. This “cloud” thingie will again have a command line for an “interface” and require teams of DBAs for a hello-world app.

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