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After the first day and a half, the show has yet again lived up to all expectations. Oracle has been around for over two decades and this well-oiled machine excels at everything it does … OOW 2011 being a living/breathing example. It all started with the database and everything they have touched since has turned to gold.

There are some definitive themes at the show so far and I am sure others will emerge as the rest of the week unfolds. The expected buzz words are all over the show and the name “Pythian” is on (or poised to be on) the mind of attendees. The highlight of the partners’ general session was our very own Paul Vallee who sounded like a seasoned pro speaking in front of a capacity crowd in Moscone South on Sunday afternoon. It’s just a matter of time until the throngs get wind of Paul’s already-famous words while on stage … get the ODA from Pythian and we will migrate you for free.

My concentration session-wise this week is a few corners of the Oracle technology that I am still honing my skills on. There is no better place to do this than Oracle Open World and a handful of strategic user group sponsored events throughout the year.

The new stuff is overwhelming and the server, though it has not been ignored, has been a small area of concentration so far at OOW11. Press colleagues who went to the briefing yesterday mentioned there being over 450 new features with 12c. They were also told that just about every line of code has been touched.  Naturally I did not get details as they are under NDA. I attended a Pythian session by Yuri Velinaknov yesterday on AWR and the place was packed. There were a few little idiosyncrasies about AWR that I was not aware of. I will check Yuri’s presentation when it appears online in the proceedings and checkpoint on the details of what I heard.

I am just getting prepared to do a 2.5 hour RAC hands-on lab in the sub-basement of the Marriott. Summer camp (what I call a multi-day Oracle or user group event) winds down tomorrow. The weather office has not been co-operating as much as we had all hoped. One of the major themes of the show is cloud computing; the least they could have done is ensured it’s overcast with a noticeable cloud cover :). I am planning to wrap my hands around GoldenGate as the opportunity presents itself. The more traditional offerings in the replication environment appear to be on their way out … at least for clients staying current with back-end offerings.

One thing I am walking away from OOW with is a familiar (hopefully to mutate to fluent) understanding of big data and Exadata in particular. I attended Ian Abramson’s presentation on the former and came away with an understanding of that corner of Oracle’s handling of this emerging “data type”.

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