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When I read Note: 391116.1 with the full list, I noticed the following bugs that we’ve encountered are fixed.

Unfortunately, an important bug in posted on the Sept. 29 is not listed as fixed in this patch list. The bug has to do with both data corruption, and security vulnerabilities when running queries that can be interpreted in multiple ways by the SQL parser — depending on what schema has namespace precedence for your signon. In this regard, I would recommend anyone who is running, for example, a test or development copy of their production schemas on the same database, to read the following metalink note without delay.

Note: 392673.1 Bug 5458753 “SQL can execute in wrong schema”.

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well, look again. It’s on the list

Christo Kutrovsky
October 18, 2006 12:54 pm

The note sais
“Last Revision Date: 11-OCT-2006 ”

Seems like they added it after I wrote the article :)

I guess that’s why the list is not official yet.

Thanks for the note !


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