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ORA-600 [42].

Well, this was a nice Oracle Bloggers Meetup this year. It was less crowded compare to last year which is a bit surprising if you think about it — there are more and more Oracle bloggers around. On the other hand, it let me focus more talking to participants of Oracle blogosphere and other social networking Oracle related crowd and I met quite a few new faces.

Bloggers Meetup at UKOUG 07

On the other hand, I liked more last year’s blogging gathering when there were 3 events clashing together with larger crowd. I also think that few key personalities were missing this year but that’s life.

Huge improvement this year from Pitcher and Piano:

Baltika 1 Baltika 2

This is Russian beer brewed in St Petersburg. I’ve been told it becomes more and more popular and it’s promoted heavily on mass media channels in Britain these days. Obviously, I couldn’t resist few bottles of Russian beer.

After Pitcher and Piano, me and Christo went to Jury’s Inn pub but we were too late — 5 minutes past 11. Jury’s has interesting rule and “strangers” are forbidden to enter hotel premises after 11PM. Slightly disappointed, we moved towards Tap and Spile an this was a goo decision — the party was on.

It’s not the first time for me there but every time I find a new detail. This time it was chips:

Tap and Spile chips

It’s 2AM and I’m off to bed early — somewhat unusual compare to my past UKOUG experience but hey, I’m presenting tomorrow. My session on RAC Connection Management starts at 13:20 tomorrow, right after lunch.

It’s rather late now so check out for updates tomorrow.


ORA-01092: ORACLE instance terminated. Disconnection forced
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Guys, it seems you are having real fun there :-)


Ah, the standard-issue photographs from a conference event. Me with a bottle to my lips and Alex G with his bulging eyes.

Strangely, both are stunt-shots. I rarely have a bottle to my lips and Alex’s eyes look completely normal until someone points a camera at him.

Marco Gralike
December 4, 2007 4:08 am

Horrible picture (first one), Doug doesn’t have to complain this year :-)
Great marketing from those chips manufactures (really collectable ;-)

Alex Gorbachev
December 4, 2007 12:46 pm

Yes. It’s always good fun but no that me presentation is over – I’d be *real* fun.

I can be nasty and say that you were drinking like a real Scot but I can confirm that *this* time you were almost sober.
My eyes… that’s photographer’s fault! ;-)

Horrible camera for a dark pub (and drunk geeks around).

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>> It was less crowded compare to last year which is a bit surprising if you think
>> about it

Last year the blogger’s meeting was bundled in with the UKOUG Volunteers’ meeting. So it was crowded but mostly with non-bloggers. This year it was all bloggers (we’ll give Peter Robson the beenfit of the doubt).

Cheers, APC


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