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PalominoDB works with a wide range of clients on database management, support and engineering projects. Occasionally, clients find that they haven’t used the full allotment of hours they’ve purchased in a given month, and when that happens, we give them the option to donate those unused hours to our Pro Bono Program. We are pleased to be able to offer our non-profit clients the same level of innovation, service and technical expertise that startups and enterprise-level companies rely on us to provide.

Our latest project is one quite near to our hearts – worldwide literacy. Our friends atWorldreader have the ambitious goal of making digital books available to everyone in the developing world, enabling millions of people to improve their lives.

As you might imagine, managing the digital assets, the physical e-readers and the program participants involves a lot of data. Worldreader measures success by looking at how people read, what people read, when people read and how those change over time. Managing that data, and synthesizing it into actionable project metrics are core functions that take a great deal of staff and volunteer time.

PalominoDB helps Worldreader streamline project reporting in order to track and promote engagement with digital texts of all kinds – books, newspapers, magazine and online-only content. The pilot programs in Ghana and Kenya have been hugely successful, and as the Worldreader team heads to Uganda, PalominoDB has renewed our commitment, working with the team at Worldreader over the next year to develop content management tools, purchase and inventory management systems, and provide general database support.

None of this would be possible without our for-profit clients who donate unused hours, and our staff, who contribute time and attention to these projects. Philip Stehlik, Chief Technology Officer at Taulia, explains why the PalominoDB Pro Bono Program appealed to them.  “Taulia works to connect businesses and to improve access to capital for small and medium businesses through Dynamic Discounting. We are excited that donating our unused hours with PalominoDB allowed us to support an entirely new kind of supply chain – getting electronic books to children in the developing world.”

If your non-profit would like to work with PalominoDB’s Pro Bono Program, please get in touch. And if you’re a PalominoDB client (or you think you might want to be!) and want to donate hours to our Pro Bono Program, we’d love to hear from you too. And finally, if you’re an author or publisher who wants to donate books to people hungry for great stories, please get in touch with our friends at Worldreader – they’d love to help more people fall in love with your books.

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