Palomino Evaluates Amazon’s New High I/O SSD Instances

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently introduced a new storage layer with SSD as its backend. Because their previous EBS storage has been challenging in the areas of I/O throughput and stability, we were extremely excited to run comparative benchmarks to offer a recommendation for customers considering upgrading to SSD.

The opportunity to expand I/O throughput horizontally can create a longer runway for sharding (distributing data-sets across multiple MySQL logical clusters in order to reduce write I/O), which can be quite compelling.

Our extensive tests, described in detail in our Evaluation Report prepared by René Cannao and Laine Campbell (click here for a free PDF), illustrate the potentially enormous gains in throughput, performance and cost for companies scaling MySQL in Amazon. Palomino would strongly recommend that clients consider upgrading to SSD storage. Learn more.

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