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PalominoDB is very excited about our participation in the upcoming PerconaLiveconference in London.  We’ll have two of our European staff presenting.  On Monday, Jonathan Levin will be doing a tutorial on Advanced MySQL Scaling Strategies for Developers, and on Tuesday Rene Cannao will be presenting on MySQL Backup and Recovery Tools and Techniques.  Rene and Jonathan are two of our newer team members, and represent an exciting growth in staff outside of the US; Jonathan being in the UK and Rene being in Malta.  I know I’m thrilled to get out to London to meet a lot of new folks in our community.

We did get a chance to present at PerconaLive in NYC this year as well, which was quite a lot of fun, and the positive reception Sheeri’s session got was gratifying.  Percona has become a huge part of our community and has provided great value in their information share, tools, services and now conferences – including the MySQL Conference & Expo 2012.  Having been involved in professional MySQL consulting and remote support for four years has been quite the adventure, and the fact that so many companies find space to create, share and prosper only shows the viability of open source software and the communities behind it.

I know we at PalominoDB are quite proud to share space with companies such as Pythian, Blue Gecko, SkySQL and, of course, Percona. We are proud to support open source solutions across the board, and are even more excited to have grown to a place where we have the resources to contribute back to them, to non-profits and to the growth of our clients and every person on our team.  Here’s to an exciting and brilliant future, and a great conference!

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