PalominoDB kicks off “Mongo Month” with Exciting News!

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PalominoDB is pleased to announce the formation of a service partnership with10gen, the creators of the popular MongoDB database.  Our partnership provides our existing clients with access to a broader community of experts, and offers new clients a trusted partner in a rapidly evolving technology space.

Our team of senior database architects, administrators, and application developers have decades of experience working with clients to build, optimize, and support complex database systems.  We believe MongoDB has a solid place in the open source database ecosystem alongside our workhorse, MySQL, and we proud to support environments that have both technologies.

Our broad expertise in both relational database technologies and newer key-value and document-oriented storage options situates us perfectly to help clients explore how MongoDB can work in their own environments. We can help you assess your own application needs in areas of performance, scalability, availability, and security, and work with you to optimize your production environment.

“Joining the 10gen Partner program is an exciting step for us,” adds Laine Campbell, founder and principal at PalominoDB. “Our commitment to excellence in emerging database technologies has informed our MongoDB work to date, and we are thrilled to be able to extend that to a broader community in partnership with 10gen.  The ability to interface directly with 10Gen’s extensive knowledge of the product in conjunction with our own operational expertise should bring an unsurpassed level of expertise to our clients using, or looking to use, MongoDB.”

PalominoDB will be celebrating “Mongo Month” throughout March, with new blog posts, advice and tools for making the most of MongoDB in your organization. Stay tuned!


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