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Percona Live London takes place next week from November 3-4 where Pythian is a platinum sponsor—visit us at our booth during the day on Tuesday, or at the reception in the evening. Not only are we attending, but we’re taking part in exciting speaking engagements, so be sure to check out our sessions and hands-on labs. Find those details down below.


MySQL Break/Fix Lab by Miklos Szel, Alkin Tezuysal, and Nikolaos Vyzas
Monday November 3 — 9:00AM-12:00PM
Cromwell 3 & 4

Miklos, Alkin, and Nikolaos will be presenting a hands-on lab by demonstrating an evaluation of operations errors and issues in MySQL 5.6, and recovering from them. They will be covering instance crashes and hangs, troublesehooting and recovery, and significant performance issues. Find out more about the speakers below.

About Miklos: Miklos Szel is a Senior Engineer at Pythian, based in Budapest. With greater than 10 years’ experience in system and network administration, he has also worked for Walt Disney International as its main MySQL DBA. Miklos specializes in MySQL-based high availability solutions, performance tuning, and monitoring, and has significant experience working with large-scale websites.

About Alkin: Alkin Tezuysal has extensive experience in enterprise relational databases, working in various sectors for large corporations. With greater than 19 years’ of industry experience, he has been able to work on large projects from the group up to production. In recent years, he has been focusing on eCommerce, SaaS, and MySQL technologies.

About Nikolaos: Nik Vyzas is a Lead Database Consultant at Pythian, and an avid open source engineer. He began his career as a software developer in South Africa, and moved into technology consulting firms for various European and US-based companies. He specializes in MySQL, Galera, Redis, MemcacheD, ad MongoDB on many OS platforms.


Setting up Multi-Source Replication in MariaDB 10 by Derek Downey
Monday November 3 — 2:00-5:00PM
Cromwell 3 & 4

For a long time, replication in MySQL was limited to only a single master. When MariaDB 10.0 became generally available, the ability to allow multiple masters became a reality. This has opened up the door to previously impossible architectures. In this hands-on tutorial, Derek will discuss some of the features in MariaDB 10.0, demonstrate establishing a four-node environment running on participants’ computer using Vagrant annd VirtualBox, and even discuss some limitations associated with  10.0. Check out Derek’s blog post for more detailed info about his session.

About Derek:Derek began his career as a PHP application developer, working out of Knoxville, Tennessee. Now a Principal Consultant in Pythian’s MySQL practice, Derek is sought after for his deep knowledge of Galera and diagnosing replication issues.


Understanding Performance Through Measurement, Benchmarking, and Profiling by René Cannaò
Monday November 3 — 2:00-5:00PM
Orchard 2

It is essential to understand how your system performs at different workloads to measure the impacts of changes and growth and to understand how those impacts will manifest. Measuring the performance of current workloads is not trivial and the creation of a staging environment where different workloads need to be tested has it’s own set of challenges. Performing capacity planning, exploring concerns about scalability and response time and evaluating new hardware or software configurations are all operations requiring measurement and analysis in an environment appropriate to your production set up. To find bottlenecks, performance needs to be measured both at the OS layer and at the MySQL layer: an analysis of OS and MySQL benchmarking and monitoring/measuring tools will be presented. Various benchmark strategies will be demonstrated for real-life scenarios, as well as tips on how to avoid common mistakes.

About René: René has 10 years of working experience as System, Network and Database Administrator mainly on Linux/Unix platform. In recent years, he has been focused mainly on MySQL, previously working as Senior MySQL Support Engineer at Sun/Oracle and now as Senior Operational DBA at Pythian (formerly Blackbird, acquired by Pythian.)


Low-Latency SQL on Hadoop — What’s Best for Your Cluster? by Danil Zburivsky
Tuesday November 4 — 11:20AM-12:10PM
Cromwell 3 & 4

Low-latency SQL is the Holy Grail of Hadoop platforms, enabling new use cases and better insights. A number of open-source projects have sprung up to provide fast SQL querying; but which one is best for your cluster? This session will present results of Danil’s in-depth research and benchmarks of Facebook Presto, Cloudera Impala and Databricks Shark. Attendees will look at performance across multiple storage formats, query profiles and cluster configurations to find the best engine for a variety of use cases. This session will help you to pick the right query engine for new cluster or get most out of your existing Hadoop deployment.

About Danil: Danil Zburivsky is a Big Data Consultant/Solutions Architect at Pythian. Danil has been working with databases and information systems since his early years in university, where he received a Master’s Degree in Applied Math. Danil has 7 years of experience architecting, building and supporting large mission-critical data platforms using various flavors of MySQL, Hadoop and MongoDB. He is also the author of the book Hadoop Cluster Deployment.


Scaling MySQL in Amazon Web Services by Mark Filipi and Laine Campbell
Tuesday November 4 — 5:30-6:20PM
Cromwell 3 & 4

Mark Filipi, MySQL Team Lead at Pythian, will explain the options for running MySQL at high volumes at Amazon Web Services, exploring options around database as a service, hosted instances/storages and all appropriate availability, performance and provisioning considerations. He will be using real-world examples from companies like Call of Duty, Obama for America, and many more.

Laine will demonstrate how to build highly available, manageable, and performant MySQL environments that scale in AWS—how to maintain them, grow them, and deal with failure.

About Mark: With years of experience as a MySQL DBA, Mark Felipi has direct experience administrating everything from multinational corporations to tiny web start-ups. He leads a global team of talented DBAs to identify performance bottlenecks and provide consistent daily operations.

About Laine: Laine is currently the Co-Founder and Associate Vice President of Pythian’s open source database practice—the result of the acquisition of by Pythian in June 2014. itself was the product of a merger that involved PalominoDB, a company that Laine founded in January 2006. Prior to that, Laine spent her career working in various corporate environments, including working at Travelocity for nearly a decade building out their database team. Laine is passionate about supporting members of underserved populations to gain experience, skills, and jobs in technology.


Pythian is a global leader in data consulting and managed services. We specialize in optimizing and managing mission-critical data systems, combining the world’s leading data experts with advanced, secure service delivery. Learn more about Pythian’s MySQL expertise.

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