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Holy Zarquon just released the initial results of the 2010 Perl Survey.

The slides are also available.

Now for my 2cents worth.

Looking at the results I see that very few of the respondents have be ‘taught’ Perl (slide 16) and the majority have an educational background in Computing or Engineering (slide 15).

I think that we in the Perl community should be asking why ‘Perl’ is not being taught at higher institutions.

Also of note is that Python and PHP are high up on the list of languages that respondents have been taught (slide 17). Is this because they are newer or because these languages are the latest hot ‘corporate’ product?

Funny to see that ‘lisp’ is way up on this list as well and ruby is way down on this list. I would think it would be the other way round. As everyone knows, ‘lisp’ is taught at many universities at a high level but is rarely ever used in the outside world. Ruby is the hottest language as of late and many jobs require it.

My final comment is on slide 39, ‘Perls top 44’, nice to see that I made the list (shameless self promotion I know) but what is neat is that DBI is tops and about 6 other mods on the list use it.

Not bad for a module that was written way back in the last century about ’94 when a full 34% (Slide 7) of respondents were either in diapers, short pants or going to their first high school dance. Hats off to Tim Bunce and the hundreds of others who have added to the DBI and DBDs over the years.

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