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It’s been 4 years since the last time I spoke at the Postgres Brazilia community event (last time I spoke was at PGCon 2009 Sao Paolo – PyReplica project) and seems that the community is still growing and vibrant. The talks given at the meeting were amazing. PalominoDB was there with two talks: “Postgres and FTS” and “Postgres on AWS”, which premiered PalominoDB as the new “Amazon Advanced Technology Partner”.

Something that caught my attention during the event was a large number of talks about PostGIS. It seemed to me that most of the projects that are being developed are related to geolocalizing and mapping, specifically in the Amazon region.

Other interesting talks were from Alvaro Hernández and Joseph Conway. Alvaro Hernández spoke about the “billion table project “. He discovered the real limit on the table creation in a cluster: 2.147.483.483. I don’t know anybody yet who wants to reach that level on a production environment, but the road to find that number was entertaining and enriching. Joseph Conway delighted us with an Amazing PL/R talk, showing the power of analytics in Postgres combined with R language.

The event was at the same time that Postgres 9.3 was delivered in the beta 2 version and surprisingly there wasn’t any talk about the new features incoming.

I just can’t write this post withuot a special mention to the organization of the event, specially to Luis Bueno and Alex Lopes.

PGBR 2014 is planned to be located in Florianópolis and PGBR 2015 is planned to be located in Bahia. We’re looking forward to our future participation with more talks!

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