Plastering ‘endorse’ Buttons All Over the (coder)Wall

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I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been slacking off in the blogging department. I believe, however, that I can plead attenuating circumstances considering that I’m busy doing terrible things to Dancer 2 and that I just dusted off the elf bonnet and began to churn out proposals for the Perl Advent Calendar.

But still, I felt like I should resurface for a few minutes, if only to give a token sign of life. So here goes:

Minor Improvements to GitStore

A new version of GitStore has hit CPAN. Nothing very spectacular, just two little tweaks to provide more access to the underlying Git repository.

The first provides a way to get the listing of all entries (possibly filtered by a regex) in the store:

[perl] use GitStore;

my $gs = GitStore->new( ‘/path/to/the/store’ );

my @foo_thingies = $gs->list( qr/\.foo$/ );

do_something_with( $gs->get($_) ) for @foo_thingies;

And the second allows us to access the GitStore::Revision object corresponding to the current state of an entry. It was already available via the history() method, but this way is just a wee bit more handy:

[perl]my $rev = gs->get_revision( ‘’ );

# meta-information goodness
my $last_modified = $rev->timestamp;
my $commit_message = $rev->message;

# and, of course, the entry’s content
my $content = $rev->content;

The big part is more what is looming over the horizon. Thanks to SawyerX, I’ve discovered Git::Raw, an interface to libgit2, and oh boy is this bad boy fast. When I have time (ah!), I want to have GitStore use Git::Raw if it can, and Git::PurePerl if it must. But for that to happen, Git::Raw will need to have access to a few more libgit2 functions. Which means the usual: somebody’s probably going to end up with a few patches being left on their doorsteps.

Mirror, Mirror on the Coderwall, Who Shaves the Most Yaks of Them All?

And now for our main attraction! Not that there is a lot of code to show, but… I noticed earlier today that Coderwall has a widget that allows peeps to endorse users. “Cute,” I thought. As my GitHub projects usually have a Dist::Zilla-produced Markdown README, it’d be kinda cool if there was a way to automatically add that widget to the README, and thus the main GitHub page of the project. Well, now there is, and its output can be admired on its own GitHub page.

And then I thought: “Wouldn’t it be even funnier if that same widget could be seen on MetaCPAN?” Well, it’s not there yet, but the patch has been submitted.

So, yeah… I guess what I’m trying to say is: I’ve kept silent, but not necessary idle. :-)

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