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In the last months I’ve been keeping an eye on the Power BI Preview, the new version of the Power BI cloud solution that was completely revamped compared to the first Power BI v1.
This last Friday, July 24th, Power BI was finally released to the public and it is now available globally. The best part? Now they have a FREE version, so you can start playing with it right now and get insights from your data.

Learn more about Power BI and how to use it. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about or what Power BI is, please take 1 minute of your time and watch a quick Youtube video to see it in action.

In the coming weeks I will start writing a series of posts explaining more about the BI suite and what we can use it for, so keep an eye on this blog. Also, if you are already using it, please comment below what you are thinking so far and if you are facing any difficulties.


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