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This year, there are three of us going to Collaborate 07. All three of us will be presenting from the IOUG side.

And we are:

  • Christo KutrovskyThe Answer to Free Memory, Swap, Oracle and Everything
    Thursday 09:45 AM
    Room: Palm AAbstract:
    Do I have enough memory? Why is my free memory so low? Am I swapping to disk? Can I increase my SGA (db cache) size? Can I add another instance to this server? Are my system resources used optimally? These are all questions that often haunt DBAs. This presentation is The Answer. It covers in detail the different types of memory, how to monitor memory and how to optimally use it with Oracle in mind. Multiple examples throughout the presentation demonstrate how certain actions on the database side cause different memory areas to be allocated and used on the OS side. Key underlying differences in operating systems approaches to managing memory will be highlighted with special attention given to Linux, Solaris and Windows. Using Linux as an example throughout, this presentation explains how to effectively use tools such as “top”, “vmstat” and “/proc/meminfo” to gain visibility into a system’s allocation and use of memory.
  • Alex Gorbachev has 2 sessions and 1 panelExtending Oracle 10g Grid Control
    Monday 01:00 PM
    Room Palm AAre you missing your favorite scripts and indicators in Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control? Find out how easy it is to incorporate your own metrics into the Grid Control framework. Do you manage a multiple-vendors environment and need to monitor many different components? Learn how to create your own completely new target types in Grid Control with rich set of availability and performance metrics and reports. This presentation will focus on Grid Control Extensibility framework. It will explain how to create new metrics for existing targets and for completely new target types, and it will show how to package new targets in easily-deployable plug-ins. The presentation will be especially useful for Grid Control administrators and third-party vendors looking to create plug-ins for Oracle Enterprise Manager to monitor their products.Change Tracking and Grid Control
    Tuesday 01:45 PM
    Room Palm CAbstract:
    One of the new features in Oracle 10g is Fast Incremental Backups, which require that databases be run with Block Change Tracking enabled. While the usage of Fast Incremental Backups has been discussed quite thoroughly in recent years, the internals of the change-tracking feature implementation in Oracle 10g are still obscure. This presentation will show how change-tracking works inside an Oracle instance, and what CTWR does. It will illustrate how other processes are involved and discuss the overhead on your production databases caused by Block Change Tracking. This information is obtained by the means of experiments and advanced research techniques. Based on the UKOUG presentation with latest updates.

    Oracle Grid Control Best Practices Panel (sponsored by SELECT Journal)
    Monday 06:00 PM
    Room Reef C

    This panel brings together Oracle Grid experts as well as customers to take a look at best practices for managing enterprise multi-tiered environments. Topics will include: enterprise infrastructure management, thoughts to consider when moving to Grid, Grid layout considerations, managing heterogeneous database environments, lessons learned, using Grid with plug-ins to manage additional app servers and SQL Server and DB2, and best practice considerations for Grid.

  • Babette Turner-UnderwoodFlash Recovery Area: Friend or Foe
    Monday 10:30 AM
    Room Reef FAbstract:
    Oracle 10g introduced the Flash Recovery Area. To this day, many people are still failing to take advantage of it’s usefulness. The presentation will spread some light on the differences between Oracle Flashback (tables, database). A variety of scenarios for using Flash Recovery Area will be presented. The presentation will end with a brief discussion of experience with Flash Recovery and some of the challenges encountered.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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An Oracle ACE with a deep understanding of databases, application memory, and input/output interactions, Christo is an expert at optimizing the performance of the most complex infrastructures. Methodical and efficiency-oriented, he equates the role of an ATCG Principal Consultant in many ways to that of a data analyst: both require a rigorous sifting-through of information to identify solutions to often large and complex problems. A dynamic speaker, Christo has delivered presentations at the IOUG, the UKOUG, the Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group, Oracle Open World, and other industry conferences.

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