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As usual, the who’s-who of the Oracle tech space will be assembling in Denver the week of February 11 for the Rock Mountain Oracle Users’ Group meeting, affectionately called Training Days. As is the case with most tech shows, it will be a veritable McDonald’s farm there: here a Pythian, there a Pythian, everywhere a Pythian. As well as a plethora of speakers at RMOUG 2013, we will also have a booth in the vendor hall. Please drop by and say “hi”. I would love to meet my favorite resource in the Oracle tech space – YOU. Yes, YOU. Even though I have been working Oracle and nothing else since 1986 (or was that 1886 :)), we always have tips/tricks/knowledge to share with one another. What better place than the lovely picturesque berg called “Denver”. I have been there for 3 shows so far, and as of the time of COLLABORATE 13 (Apr 7-11 2013), it will be 5. By the way, you too could be a lucky recipient of a Pythian “love your data” t-shirt by stopping in to say “hi” at booth 7 in the RMOUG vendor hall. The following Pythian rock stars are appearing this year at RMOUG (rooms subject to change):

Christo Kutrovsky discusses The Answer to Free Memory Swap Oracle and Everything at 8:30am on Wednesday in room 401.

Camilla Suvaric leads a panel discussion entitled How Does Pythian Keep the World’s Top DBA’s Trained and Motivated in the exhibitor showcase at 1:15pm on Tuesday.

Our very own Alex Gorbachev discusses Practical Hadoop by Example during an early morning deep dive on Wednesday in room 407. The ever-popular Alex G. never fails to entertain AND educate his followers. As if that’s not enough, Alex has a return engagement to discuss Under the Hood of a Pluggable Database in room 407. It’s just a matter of time before someone records the first “Oracle Database: Unplugged” live album.

Jared Still discusses Optimizing and Simplifying Complex SQL with Advanced Grouping at 1:30pm on Wednesday. Jared’s expertise is vast and he goes a way back with the Oracle CORE etchnology and more.

Last, but not least (you decide :)) is yours truly discussing RMAN: Legacy Technology / Emerging Technology at 1:30pm in room 402. Michael [and this is a secret so I cannot divulge the details until the presentation] will be announcing the new politically correct name for this popular backup and recovery tool we now call “rman”.

The full slate of presentations and speakers can be viewed at the RMOUG 2013 schedule grid. I checked and the Rockies are not in town when RMOUG will happen, but the Avalanche host the Coyotes on Monday evening at 7pm. Yes Billy, there is an NHL season this year.

Late-breaking volunteer opportunities still exist for RMOUG attendees as per the details at this location.

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