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Every time I have the pleasure of attending Oracle OpenWorld, I discover an abundance of technical heavy-weights from all over the world in attendance. I enjoy meeting and shmoozing with these people almost as much as absorbing the technical content of the show itself. Many of my Pythian colleagues are presenting at OOW12, making this fine company AND themselves more renowned in the Oracle tech arena.

Jeremy Schneider, Gwen Shapira, Christo Kutrovsky, Alex Gorbachev, Fahd Mirza, Danil Zburivsky, Marco Tusa, and I will all be attending/presenting/facilitating technical sessions throughout the week. Pythian superstars Alex and Jeremy will be facilitating and assisting attendees at the ever-popular RAC Attack workshops being held Monday through Thursday. A handful of senior Pythian personnel including the effervescent team of Paul Vallée, Vanessa Simmons, and Keith Millar will be at the show.

Gwen’s notoriety and face-recognition in the Oracle space is on a meteoric rise, and she has been gathering a lot of attention and accolades for her coverage of a big topic–Big Data. You can catch her at the following sessions:  Flexible Design and Modeling: Planning for Constant Change, Value-Based Testing, and Building an Integrated Data Warehouse with Oracle Database and Hadoop.

Christo is an ever-popular presenter and delves into some low-level and important facets of Oracle technology to the delight of any conference attendee. You can catch Christo at either of these sessions: The Answers to Free Memory, Swap, Oracle Database, and Everything and Measuring Performance in Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux.

Alex should not be missed at How Oracle Database Appliance Saves the Day at Harvard Business Publishing.

Fahd is travelling halfway around the globe to enlighten thirsty attendees with Smooth-as-Silk Oracle Exadata Patching.

If MySQL tickles your fancy, you can catch Danil’s session Debug and Fix Replication Issues Like a Pro and Marco’s session Scaling MySQL with Multimaster Synchronous Replication.

I am presenting Oracle rman: Don’t Forget the Basics during the user group forum on Sunday.

Remember to catch these Pythian technical giants as well as the plethora of valuable sessions presented at the User Group Forum (Sunday) and the balance of a valuable and worthwhile conference.

On a lighter note, if you did not already plan it, please being your Perl problems to the party on Wednesday night as they can be solved by “Pearl Jam” (drum roll followed by cymbal crash).

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