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Calling all Pythian fans, clients, and partners! It’s that time of year again with Oracle OpenWorld 2014 fast approaching! Pythian is excited to be participating once again with our rockstar team of experts in all things Oracle including Database 12c, Oracle Applications (EBS, GoldenGate) and engineered systems, MySQL, and more. We are thrilled to have multiple Pythian folks presenting sessions as listed below with more attending in tow,  including our newest friends & colleagues formerly of BlackbirdIT. Keep a look out for our signature black “Love Your Data” t-shirts.

We’re also excited to again be co-hosting the Annual Bloggers Meetup with our good friends at the Oracle Technology Network. Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post from Alex Gorbachev, Pythian’s CTO, providing details including contest fun & reviews of past years of mayhem and madness.

It’s not Oracle OpenWorld without a conference within a conference. Queue Oaktable World and an action packed agenda for all the hardcore techies out there. Catch Alex and Jeremiah up on Tuesday.

Vasu Balla will also  be attending the Oracle DIS Partner Council Meeting and Oracle EBS ATG Customer Advisory Board, and helping share Pythian’s thought leadership.


Attention Pythian Partners & clients, if you’re attending please reach out to us for details on social happenings you won’t want to miss!

Pythian’s Vanessa Simmons (Dir. of BD/[email protected]/1 613 897 9444) is orchestrating this year’s efforts. We’ll be live-tweeting up to the minute show action from @pythianpartners and are the best way to get a hold of any of the Pythian team.

See you there! #oow14 #pythianlife



Pythian Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2014

Thou Shalt Not Steal: Securing Your Infrastructure in the Age of Snowden
Presented by Paul Vallee 
Sunday, Sep 28, 9:00 AM – 9:45 AM – Moscone South – 310

Session ID UGF9199: “In June 2013, Edward Snowden triggered the most costly insider security leak in history, forcing organizations to completely rethink how they secure their infrastructure. In this session, the founder of Pythian discusses how he supervises more than 200 database and system administrators as they perform work on some of the world’s most valuable and mission-critical data infrastructures.”


24/7 Availability with Oracle Database Application Continuity
Presented by Jeremiah Wilton (@oradebugand Marc Fielding (@mfild)
Sunday, Sep 28, 9:00 AM – 9:45 AM – Moscone South – 309

Session ID UGF2563: “Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) enables databases to survive hardware failures that would otherwise cause downtime. Transparent application failover and fast application notification can handle many failure scenarios, but in-flight transactions still require complex application-level state tracking. With application continuity, Java applications can now handle failure scenarios transparently to applications, without data loss. In this session, see actual code and a live demonstration of application continuity during a simulated failure.”


Time to Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c
Presented by Michael Abbey (@MichaelAbbeyCAN)
Sunday, Sep 28, 9:00 AM – 9:45 AM – Moscone South – 307

Session ID UGF2870: “Oracle Database 12c has been out for more than a year now. There is a handful of off-the-shelf features of Oracle Database 12c that can serve the growing requirements of all database installations, regardless of the applications they support and the options for which an installation is licensed. This session zeros in on the baseline enhancements to the 12c release, concentrating on the likes of the Oracle Recovery Manager (Oracle RMAN) feature of Oracle Database; pluggable databases; and a handful of new opportunities to perform many resource-intensive operations by splitting work among multiple separate processes.”


Oracle RMAN in Oracle Database 12c: The Next Generation
Presented by René Antunez (@rene_ace)
Sunday, Sep 28, 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM – Moscone South – 309

Session ID UGF1911: “The Oracle Recovery Manager (Oracle RMAN) feature of Oracle Database has evolved since being released, in Oracle8i Database. With the newest version of Oracle Database, 12c , Oracle RMAN has great new features that will enable you to reduce your downtime in case of a disaster. In this session, you will learn about the new features introduced in Oracle Database 12c and how you can take advantage of them from the first day you upgrade to this version.”


Experiences Using SQL Plan Baselines in Production
Presented by Nelson Calero (@ncalerouy)
Sunday, Sep 28, 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM – Moscone South – 250

Session ID UGF7945: “This session shows how to use the Oracle Database SQL Plan Baselines functionality, with examples from real-life usage in production (mostly Oracle Database 11g Release 2) and how to troubleshoot it. SQL Plan Baselines is a feature introduced in Oracle Database 11g to manage SQL execution plans to prevent performance regressions. The presentation explains concepts and presents examples, and you will encounter some edge cases.”


Getting Started with Database as a Service with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c
Presented by René Antunez
Sunday, Sep 28, 3:30 PM – 4:15 PM – Moscone South – 307

Session ID UGF1941: “With the newest version of Oracle Database 12c, with Oracle Multitenant, we are moving toward an era of provisioning databases to our clients faster than ever, even leaving out the DBA and enabling the developers and project leads to provision their own databases. This presentation gives you insight into how to get started with database as a service (DBaaS) and the latest version of Oracle Enterprise Manager, 12c, and get the benefit of this upcoming database era.”


Using the Oracle Multitenant Option to Efficiently Manage Development and Test Databases
Presented by Marc Fielding (@mfild) and Alex Gorbachev (@alexgorbachev)
Wednesday, Oct 1, 12:45 PM – 1:30 PM – Moscone South – 102

Session ID CON2560: “The capabilities of Oracle Multitenant for large-scale database as a service (DBaaS) environments are well known, but it provides important benefits for nonproduction environments as well. Developer productivity can be enhanced by providing individual developers with their own separate pluggable development databases, done cost-effectively by sharing the resources of a larger database instance. Data refreshes and data transfers are simple and fast. In this session, learn how to implement development and testing environments with Oracle Multitenant; integrate with snapshot-based storage; and automate the process of provisioning and refreshing environments while still maintaining high availability, performance, and cost-effectiveness.”


Oracle Database In-Memory: How Do I Choose Which Tables to Use It For?
Presented by Christo Kutrovsky (@kutrovsky)
Wednesday, Oct 1, 4:45 PM – 5:30 PM – Moscone South – 305

Session ID CON6558: “Oracle Database In-Memory is the most significant new feature in Oracle Database 12c. It has the ability to make problems disappear with a single switch. It’s as close as possible to the fast=true parameter everyone is looking for. Question is, How do you find which tables need this feature the most? How do you find the tables that would get the best benefit? How do you make sure you don’t make things worse by turning this feature on for the wrong table? This highly practical presentation covers techniques for finding good candidate tables for in-memory, verifying that there won’t be a negative impact, and monitoring the improvements afterward. It also reviews the critical inner workings of Oracle Database In-Memory that can help you better understand where it fits best.”


Achieving Zero Downtime During Oracle Application and System Migrations – Co-presented with Oracle
Presented by Gleb Otochkin (@sky_vst) and Luke Davies (@daviesluke)
Thursday, Oct 2, 10:45 AM – 11:30 AM – Moscone West – 3018

Session ID CON7655: “Business applications—whether mobile, on-premises, or in the cloud—are the lifeline of any organization. Don’t let even planned outage events such as application upgrades or database/OS migrations hinder customer sales and acquisitions or adversely affect your employees’ productivity. In this session, hear how organizations today are using Oracle GoldenGate for Oracle Applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite and the PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel, and Oracle ATG product families in achieving zero-downtime application upgrades and database, hardware, and OS migrations. You will also learn how to use Oracle Data Integration products for real-time, operational reporting without degrading application performance. That’s Oracle AppAdvantage, and you can have it too.”


Customer Panel: Private Cloud Consolidation, Standardization, & Automization
Presented by Jeremiah Wilton (@oradebug)
Thursday, Oct 2, 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM – Moscone South – 301

Session ID CON10038: “Attend this session to hear a panel of distinguished customers discuss how they transformed their IT into agile private clouds by using consolidation, standardization, and automation. Each customer presents an overview of its project and key lessons learned. The panel is moderated by members of Oracle’s private cloud product management team.”


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