Pythian at UKOUG: Tuesday December 6

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On tap for Tuesday is a 2-hour master class from Michael Abbey, along with an all-day drop-in RAC attack workshop with Alex Gorbachev and the RAC SIG.

Using a Physical Standby to Minimize Downtime for Database Release or Server Change

11:25am, Media Suite (this is a full 2-hour master class)
Michael Abbey

The physical standby technology has been part of the off-the-shelf Oracle server offerings since 7.1.12 hit the streets in 1992. Much of its functionality ended up rolled into the data guard (DG) offering with the release of Oracle8i in the late 1990’s.

Once technologists wrap their arms around management of the physical (DG) site, they conjure up a wealth of technical requirements that can be easily filled using the physical standby features embedded in all the Oracle server offerings.

The learning curve can easily be fraught with seemingly insurmountable hurdles … jumping those hurdles confidently being the main substance of this presentation.

RAC Attack Workshop

9am-6:30pm (I assume they’re taking shifts!)
Exhibition hall gallery (upper level)
Jeremy Schneider and Alex Gorbachev

This workshop will require either a computer lab or attendees bringing their own laptops to host Oracle RAC virtual machines.

The session is designed for attendees of all levels with a brief introduction into Oracle RAC concepts at the beginning. The workshop has variety of pre-configured labs that attendees can choose – from beginners level like from installing Grid/ASM/RAC and patching to more advanced ones like cluster services, load balancing and backup/recovery. There are more labs then attendees are able to complete in one day and the environment can also be easily setup at home. Workshop instructor(s) will be actively helping to go through the labs and understand the examples. Training material is provided. The workshop is based on the IOUG RAC SIG RAC Attack events successfully run several times in the past.



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