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Pythian is proud to be a Silver Sponsor once again at the Cassandra Summit in San Jose, Sept. 7-9, 2016. We anticipate an exciting show with the increase in adoption of Cassandra, and high demand for NoSQL talent.

Look for our full team of experts on-site, showcasing our expertise in the design, development and operational support of DataStax Enterprise (DSE) and Apache Cassandra. Come by booth #112 & say hi. We love to talk tech, and share what we know. Or, take in one of our many speaking sessions listed below to hear our experts in action firsthand.
Whether you’re considering or migrating to DSE/Cassandra, need help developing, or want a second set of eyes to validate your data model, are having performance issues in production, or are looking for more efficiencies managing your environment, we’re here to help with our DSE/Cassandra consulting or managed services.

Pythian Speaking Sessions:

Speaker: Carlos Rolo
Sept. 7  4:10-4:45pm – Room 210D

There are More Clouds! Azure and Cassandra
Azure is a full-featured cloud platform from Microsoft. More and more companies are looking into it, but not much documentation is available. In this session, Carlos Rolo will explain how to deploy, and automate Cassandra in Microsoft Azure, and outline what you can expect, and what to watch for. He will provide an in-depth overview of Azure and its differentiators, explore the various options available, and look at how to deploy Cassandra in Azure, post deployment, monitoring and task automation.

Speaker: Carlos Rolo
Sept. 7 1:00-1:35 pm – Room 210D

Tales from the field: The wrong way of using Cassandra
Cassandra is a distributed database with features included but not limited to Secondary Indexes, UDF, Materialized Views, etc., and not so strict hardware requirements. It is important to use those features and select hardware correctly to make sure the use of Cassandra in your business can be as painless as possible.

This session will address how these features are used the wrong way, how hardware should be selected, and how to make Cassandra work in the best possible way including:

  • An overview of Cassandra hardware requirements that exist (and why) and the shortcomings in some of features (Secondary Indexes, Compaction Strategies, etc.)
  • Highlights of the most misused features and common hardware errors. Insight into how they might seem harmless at first (either small cluster or even single node).
  • How to correctly use Cassandra and its features and go for perfect operation

Speaker: John Schulz
Sept. 7 4:10-4:45pm Room LL20B

What is in all of those sstable files not just the data one but all the rest too!
Have you ever wondered what’s in all of those SSTable files and how it helps Cassandra find and manage your data? On the DataStax website they give you a high level explanation of what is in each file. In this talk we will go much deeper explaining each file and walking through a dump of its contents. We will also explore the differences between Cassandra 2.1 and 3.4.

Speaker: Yabin Meng
Sept. 8 4:30-5:05pm Room LL20B

An Effective Approach to Migrate Cassandra Thrift to CQL
Cassandra is moving away from Thrift to CQL protocol. Along with this change, Thrift-based client drivers are not actively supported any more, nor are they exposed to new Cassandra features. This brings many existing Cassandra users into a situation that they need to migrate their Thrift based application to CQL based. A complete solution to Thrift-to-CQL migration requires changes in 3 areas: application code, data model, and existing data. In this session we will focus on how we can migrate existing data effectively in order to reflect data model changes and give you the necessary tools to build from what you have learned to apply it in your environments.

Attendees will: gain an insight of what Cassandra storage engine looks like for version 2.2 and downward; get a better idea of how Thrift and CQL difference affects table design, learn how to explore an approach to effectively migrate dynamically generated (Thrift) data into a static defined (CQL) table.

If you’d enjoy a more in-depth conversation, please email Vanessa Simmons, who can arrange a dedicated time for you.

Our team will be there in full force and celebrating our own Carlos Rolo, who was named Cassandra MVP again this year. Congratulations Carlos!
See you in two weeks!
Want to talk with an expert? Schedule a call with our team to get the conversation started.

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