How Pythian helped a global retailer use data to better understand their customers’ In-store shopping habits

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In order for a retailer improve their in-store revenues and overall customer experience, they need to deeply understand the shopping habits of their customers and how merchandise placement in stores influences buying behaviour.

This  major global retailer needed to capture the in-store behaviour data needed to understand customer shopping habits, so they turned to Pythian to assist them with this wide scale project.

After analyzing their needs, Pythian determined that the retailer’s existing data warehouse could not support the requirement to ingest the large data volumes needed for advanced insights. Pythian created a modern data warehouse using Google Cloud Platform along with a cost-effective, real-time data pipeline. The real-time data pipeline was designed to constantly take in and process a stream of live in-store shopper location data. Pythian integrated all the pieces of a modern data warehouse to enable this real-time data tracking.

“By modernizing our data warehouse with Google BigQuery, we were able to put a massive volume of in-store behavioral data to work to market to our clients in much more targeted and effective ways.“ Chief Data Architect.

Read the full story to learn how this leading retailer implemented methods and software to learn more about their customers, and increase their sales as a result.



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Lynda Partner is a self-professed data addict who understands how transformational data can be for organizations. In her role as EVP of Data and Analytics, Lynda focuses on Pythian’s services that help customers harness the power of data and analytics and holistically manage their data estate.

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