Pythian: more than just a co-op

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If you’re anything like me, you’re a lost student trying to carve your path in a world of endless opportunities. Before starting at Pythian I only knew one thing I needed in a career; happiness. Did I ever hit the jackpot!

Walking into Pythian on my first day, I had no idea it would leave such an impact on my life. The bonds I built with my teammates are truly incredible; they will forever stay with me. In my first week, I was approached by the CEO looking to connect over coffee… Could you imagine the joy I felt as a co-op student? Although I was only with Pythian for four months, I was immediately embraced for the crazy, quirky person that I am! Cultivating an environment where those are encouraged to be themselves is a highly admirable quality in a company, and speaks to their true culture.

As a student, I feel it is very important to express how much trust and respect the company bestows upon you. This quality stuck with me quite strongly, as this is very rare to find in a co-op placement. I am proud to say I worked as the Global Talent Acquisition Coordinator for the Human Resources team and would return to Pythian in a heartbeat. Pythian has truly been more than just a co-op to me.

Myself (in the middle) with Anne Graham, VP of HR, (left) and Christina Anderson, Manager, Global Talent Acquisition (right).


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