Pythian Penal Colony: Inmate #8777984426

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Some of you might know that for more than two years we have had an office in Sydney, Australia. Last year, I had the pleasure to travel there to present at the AUSOUG conference and work from our office in Sydney. It’s been a huge pleasure, especially if you consider what was going on back in Ottawa at that time.

Long story short — I’m moving to Australia. My flight from Ottawa leaves in three hours and I’m all packed and ready to go. Today we had a kiss-goodbye lunch at here at the Pythian office in Ottawa, and I was presented my new role Down Under. Hmm . . .  to be honest, I expected it to be somewhat different:

Inmate #8777984426 front

Inmate #8777984426 rear

Inmate #8777984426 left

Inmate #8777984426 right

Sentenced to life!

On Fridays we have beer hours after 3pm, so I’ve had my last Guinness. I accumulated quite a few cans over the last two years at Pythian in Ottawa. At 20 cents each, they will pay a huge Guinness party.

The Last Guinness

More details to come from Down Under. Wish me luck, and stay tuned!

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What does it take to be chief technology officer at a company of technology experts? Experience. Imagination. Passion. Alex Gorbachev has all three. He’s played a key role in taking the company global, having set up Pythian’s Asia Pacific operations. Today, the CTO office is an incubator of new services and technologies – a mini-startup inside Pythian. Most recently, Alex built a Big Data Engineering services team and established a Data Science practice. Highly sought after for his deep expertise and interest in emerging trends, Alex routinely speaks at industry events as a member of the OakTable.

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Will you be a POMO (Prisoner of Mother Ottawa)?

Good luck with the move, both personal and professional. Glad we got to meet and drink before you left the hemisphere. Hopefully they have oysters that satisfactory.


Good luck in your travels and your new home. I’m very hopeful that I’ll make it to AUSOUG next year and will look forward to seeing you at OOW in a few weeks as well!



You look so convincing that you either

a) Have previous experience of mug-shots
b) Are a good actor


And he’s arrived safely, folks.
Picked him up at the airport and explained how to pronounce the local essentials: “sangas”, “sammies” and “plonk”.
He’ll be a fine addition to the place, he caches on fast!

Alex Gorbachev
August 30, 2008 8:45 pm

@Don: Wanna visit us here? I’ll gladly accommodate you at our office here. ;-)

@Dominic: Yeah… now I need to make sure that my darling is delayed for a while on her way. ;-)

@Dan: Thanks! See you in Frisco!

In the meantime, arrived in Sydney. Tired like hell.


Welcome to Oz. If you like Guinness, you probably won’t like a lot of Australian beer. The James Squire range is worth trying. If Noons doesn’t let you in on a few good places to drink, he can pass on my phone number, and I’ll show you the Lord Nelson and The Australian.

Alex Gorbachev
September 1, 2008 3:10 am

@Gary – Yeah, I’d be very glad to have a few sips.


It is important that you stay in Commonwealth of Nations ( Canada , Australia …)

Fellow Canadian



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