Pythian Q1 2011 Speaking: Find us at RMOUG, Hotsos

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It’s a brand new year, and the Pythian Team is hitting the ground running with more speaking engagements than ever!

Check the schedule below for a list of Pythian appearances at various user groups and conferences for Q1 2011.

We’d like to hear from you. If you have any feedback on our sessions, please send your comments directly to the speaker, or to Vanessa Simmons, Pythian Director of Marketing.

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RMOUG Training Days 2011, Denver, Colorado, Feb 15-17, 2011

Pythian will be at RMOUG in full force. Look for Alex Gorbachev, Kellyn Pedersen & Don Seiler. Be sure to stop by our table (#10), say hi to us & our friends from the OakTable Network, and enter our draw to win an Amazon Kindle, and software provided by Cary Millsap (MR-Trace, MR-Tools & Method-R Profiler) among a few other surprises. While you’re at it, visit our neighbours Apress and pick up your copy of 10 Tips to Make Database Consolidation a Success. Take advantage of free Exhibit Hall passes, and be our guest (bring your peers!). Email [email protected] to request a pass.

Pythian is agressively hiring top DBA talent. If this is you, register on our Career Center, or request a time for a short intro chat with Pythian. Alex, Kellyn or Don will be more than happy to give you the inside scoop on the company & share why they love working for Pythian.

Session Title Abstract ID Speaker Date/Time Location Abstract
RMOUG: What is the Oracle ACE Program? N/A Alex Gorbachev Thursday, 7:50am-8:45am Room TBD The opening General Session will feature a panel of Oracle ACE Directors. Moderated by Todd Trichler from the Oracle Technology Network, participants will learn what the Oracle ACE Program is, how they can benefit from the program, and what it takes to become an ACE or ACE Director.
Warp Speed with Temp Tablespace Groups 47 Kellyn Pedersen Thursday, 9am-10am Rm 301 Temp tablespace groups have received little press and less discussion since their introduction in Oracle 10g numerous years ago. Introducing this newer feature to an environment that suffers from waits on temp read and writes that have struck a roadblock on logical tuning is an excellent physical tuning answer to the challenge. As no sort or hash on large data sets can easily accommodate the PGA and must “swap” to the temp tablespace, monitoring temp usage has become a common DBA task for many. By utilizing temp tablespace groups, a DBA or developer can find extensive performance increases by spreading the I/O of the task across multiple files vs. one tempfile. How is this done? What steps have to be taken to implement this feature in a way to ensure Oracle will “stripe” across the temp tablespaces and what drawbacks are there to the configuration? This presentation covers requirements, setup, monitoring, optimal design, and hardware, along with tuning recommendations for getting the most out of temp tablespace groups.
Analysis of Oracle ASM Failability 227 Alex Gorbachev Thursday, 10:15am-11:15am Rm 302/303 Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) has introduced the new concept of mirroring that is implemented differently than in any known RAID levels. So what happens when not one but two or more disks fail? Is such situation a hypothetical and highly unlikely? Apparently not. This session will help you evaluate the data loss risks better and make you re-think your ASM deployment strategy.
Is Oracle Exadata for You? 228 Alex Gorbachev Thursday, 1:30pm-2:30pm Rm 301 Oracle Exadata has become the fastest growing Oracle product in history, and many IT managers are curious as to how it can help their business. This session will look at Exadata suitability for various environments and what problems it solves for IT and business. Based on Pythian Exadata experience, the session will go through the benefits of Exadata in different deployment scenarios to help you justify the technology for the right projects – data warehousing, OLTP, database consolidation, as well as hybrid environments.

Hotsos 2011, March 6-10, 2011, Omni Mandalay, Irving, Texas

Pythian will participate in Hotsos, along side the world’s top Oracle performance analysts. Look for the Oracle ACE team of Alex Gorbachev, Gwen Shapira and Christo Kutrovsky who will be onsite. Email us to set up a quick meet to talk about joining our team, or exploring our services offerings.

Session Title Speaker Date/Time Location Abstract
Database I/O Performance: Measuring and Planning Alex Gorbachev Tuesday, 4:45pm Salon A As data volumes are growing exponentially these days, databases need to process more and more data in shorter amounts of time. Many disruptive technologies have also emerged such as flash-based storage, large server memory footprint, InfiniBand, etc. In such a rapidly changing environment, storage I/O performance tuning and planning easily becomes the task of applying best practices and “black magic” rules. In order to adopt a more sound, scientific approach to I/O performance diagnostics and planning, one needs to master the foundation – measuring I/O performance. This is exactly the focus of this presentation – practical I/O performance measurement and planning.
Everything a DBA Needs to Know about TCP/IP Networks Gwen Shapira Monday 3:30pm Salon B Databases do not run in a vacuum. Clients and application servers connect to the database, which connects to storage systems and to each other – communicating through (mostly) TCP/IP networks. Quirks at the network level have a profound effect on the availability and performance of your database. Can you diagnose those problems, and do you know for sure when the problem occurs? What do you do when your network admin will not listen? This session explains the underlying principles of network performance, how to use network diagnostics tools to approach database problems, and dives into the fine details of the SQLNET protocol. Learn from an Oracle ACE how to diagnose problems faster and communicate with the network admin more effectively.
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