Pythian-led events: embracing disruptive technologies

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Today’s senior IT professionals are expected to be experts in everything from emerging technologies, to new regulations, and business innovation. Keeping up with the latest advances in technology, and understanding how they impact your business can be challenging.

The impact of today’s disruptive technologies on how we do business, led Pythian to introduce Velocity of Innovation, a series of events for senior IT professionals. These are Pythian’s exclusive thought-leadership events where a moderator-led panel engages in lively conversations around today’s disruptive technologies.

From our Velocity of Innovation series, to CIO summits and CIO forums, Pythian is leading the conversation around technologies that can transform business. Pythian focuses on creating positive outcomes for our clients, such as better, faster software development; high-performing, cost-effective systems; data-driven insights; and the adoption of disruptive technologies for competitive advantage.

Pythian will continue to lead conversations around disruptive technologies, bringing our vendor agnostic approach to a range of IT challenges. On March 16,  Pythian will be participating in the Global Business Intelligence CIO UK Event.

This event brings senior IT professionals together for one day to focus on topics ranging from digital transformation to cyber security.


If you are interested in attending an upcoming Velocity of Innovation event in a city near you, please contact [email protected].


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