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Movember is coming to an end, and what a ball we had at Pythian this month! The laughs, pictures, and performances will stay in our memories for a long time, and on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter…

Pythian Movember Team 2012

Pythian Movember Team 2012

For the second year in a row, Pythian has embraced the cause of Movember. Movember aims to raise funds and awareness to men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and male mental health. It does so by enlisting the help of men around the globe. These men let their mustache grow for one month in exchange for donations from friends, colleagues, or even strangers.

This year, our Movember team had 25 people in three continents and more than a dozen different nationalities! Movember is becoming global, and so is Pythian!

And we didn’t run short on laughs! Every day people would come to work already expecting the next funny thing someone would do to enlist supporters and get more donations. And, believe me, we saw the most diverse arsenal of fundraising tricks: promises to dye mustaches a certain color, promises to let you choose the color of a mustache, custom-made t-shirts, custom-made pictures of a mustache for every donation received, attempts to grow different and weird mustache shapes, and even blogs about mustaches!!!

We had fun indeed, but most importantly, we raised awareness for prostate cancer and male mental health and collected more than $5.5K (so far) to support the cause!

Thanks to all Friends of Pythian and Friends of Friends of Pythian who have supported us and contributed to Movember! We really appreciate your help in achieving our goal.

But, wait!!! It’s not finished yet, and you can still get involved. See below the links for all the Pythian MoBros this year. You can still help us make more of a difference this year and, in doing that, join us for a few laughs. :)

Take care!

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