Pythian’s ACM Membership Program

Thank you for your interest in our program to give away a year’s membership in the ACM to community contributors who advise us of active DBA requirements. We are delighted for your interest and would love for you to participate.

ACM membership includes access to over 600 books from the Safari Online Bookshelf, over 500 books from Books24x7, and access to over 3000 online courses from Skillsoft. It is very possibly the best value in IT education, period, and we are proud to sponsor a year’s membership as part of our promotion.

This program is designed to enable us to thank you for indicating to us that your organization has an unfulfilled DBA need by enrolling you in a monthly draw for ACM membership. All DBA requirements internal to your organization qualify for participation in this program, whether it is an existing opening and selection process that Pythian can participate in (our dynamic-scope delivery model allows us to be contenders in such selections), or in a contractor or consulting role.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit your email address
  2. Look for an email from with program qualification details
  3. Respond to the email, indicating the information you know
  4. Make yourself available to a Pythian representative for an information-gathering telephone call
  5. Receive indication that your entry has qualified for the draw
  6. Look forward to the first week of the next month, during which our draw will be held. All qualified applicants receive notification of the winner of the draw, whether they won or not. There is a winner every month that there is at least one qualified applicant.

We thank you for your interest in the program, however it is now closed.