Pythian’s Alex Gorbachev in Oracle Magazine

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Take a look at this! The January/February edition of Oracle Magazine features an interview with The Pythian Group’s Vice President East Asia-Pacific, Alex Gorbachev. Congrats, Alex!

It must be said here that Alex is no Christo Kutrovsky, a fact that the editors of Oracle Magazine have underscored by publishing a very small picture of Alex with his face obscured by shadow. Don’t be too hurt, Alex—what you lack in coverboy style and sass, you more than make up for in Oracle acumen.

image: The shadowy Alex Gorbachev.

In the background looms either the dome of the famous Sydney Opera House or one of Australia’s Great White Sharks.



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Dave Edwards is the Communications Specialist for the Pythian Group.

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Idea: let’s publish a “Men of Pythian” 2010 calendar, send it out as marketing material. Clients would sleep better knowing that they have 100% beefcake providing 24×7 support for their Oracle, MySQL and MS SQL Server databases.


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