Pythian’s top five business blogs of 2016

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From upgrades and cloud migration to Pokémon Go and the modern DBA role, Pythian bloggers had plenty on their minds in 2016. Sit back and enjoy these top performing posts from our business blog, and let us know what you’d like to hear more about in the year ahead.

Pythian wishes you all the best for a productive, and happy 2017, and we look forward to bringing you more of the top trending business content in the year ahead.

Here are the best IT business blog posts from Pythian experts in 2016.


1. SQL Server 2016: A Review of the Latest Features & Improvements

Beth Johnson, Pythian Marketing Manager, reviews the latest features and improvements for SQL Server 2016.
Read it here.


2.  Is the DBA Career Dead?

Felipe Ferreira, Pythian Database Expert, and Microsoft MVP explains how embracing the cloud as an emerging technology doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the DBA role.
Read it here.


3. Pokémon Go Is Losing Millions of Dollars

Jon Lewis discusses the phenomenon of Pokémon Go, and why they’re losing millions in potential revenue.
Read it here.


4. Will Oracle Fly Higher Than Amazon in Cloud?

Can Oracle rise up to meet Amazon’s success in the cloud? Fahd Mirza makes the case for Oracle Cloud.
Read it here.


5. Why You Should Consider Moving Your Enterprise Applications to the Oracle Cloud

Alex Gorbachev, CTO at Pythian, explains why it’s a good idea to consider Oracle Cloud alongside alternatives like as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.
Read it here.


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