Pythian’s top five technical blogs of 2016

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The technical community had plenty to get excited about in 2016. From SQL Server announcements and upgrades to an increased focus on cloud migration, there was plenty to keep on top of. While these subjects certainly topped our list of most-viewed blog posts this year, we also saw a continued interest in Oracle, showing us that this powerhouse isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

So settle in with a cup of coffee, or toast the year with a glass of champagne. Here are the best blog posts from Pythian experts in 2016.


1. Step-by-Step Guide to January 2016 PSU Patch Apply on 12c Grid and RDBMS Homes in Linux

Fahd Mirza provides a step-by-step guide to the January 2016 PSU Patch Apply on 12c Grid and RDBMS Homes in Linux.
Read it here.


2. Installing SQL Server 2016 – Standalone Instance – New Features

Daniel Holt, Database Administrator at Pythian, provides a step-by-step guide to installing SQL Server 2016, and highlights some of the new installation features.
Read it here.


3. Connection Timeout Parameters in MySQL

John Scott, Pythian Database Consultant, discusses connection timeout parameters in MySQL.
Read it here.


4. Oracle Database 12c: PSUs vs Database Proactive Bundle Patches

Simon Pane, Pythian Database Consultant, compares PSUs and Database Proactive Bundle Patches in Oracle 12c.
Read it here.


5. How to Migrate from On-Premises to Azure SQL Database
As the Azure SQL Database improves and Microsoft pushes the “Cloud-first” strategy you may want to know how to move your database from on-premises to Azure. This blog post by Murilo Miranda was one of our most viewed in 2016.
Read it here.


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