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A dispatch from the Love Your Data conference 2017, NY

When we first came up with Pythian’s Love Your Data tagline years ago, it was emblematic of the core value we delivered to customers. We were well established as a company that could take good care of an organization’s data by making its IT infrastructures reliable and scalable, and by delivering operational excellence that went above and beyond expectations. Our people had established themselves as trusted IT advisors to some of the world’s top brands, as we continued to come up with new and innovative ways to make their systems more efficient. We helped them make use of their data and technologies to seize new revenue opportunities. Essentially, we helped companies begin to experience the love of data, instead of hating the pain of maintaining the databases that hold it.

Today, at the Love Your Data conference in New York City, we’re launching Kick AaaS (Analytics as a Service), an end-to-end, white glove service platform that gathers multi-source, multi-format data together in the cloud, and adds advanced analytics, machine learning and visualizations to ensure business users and business systems get the insights they need when they need them. It’s the next logical step in our evolution as a data company.

It’s meaningful to launch Kick AaaS at the Love Your Data conference, as this event brings together a community of thought leaders and IT executives who share our vision for delivering incredible value from data. Listening to the talks so far on machine learning, AI, the future of BI and Blockchain, I’m seeing so many possibilities. I’m seeing an endorsement of our vision. And I’m seeing that the market and technologies are coming together in a way that makes it possible to deliver on the promise of data.

Kick AaaS does just that. It helps companies realize the promised value of data by delivering real insights based on internal and external data sources, and to get results in just weeks. Its cloud-native architecture means instant scalability with costs aligned to usage, not physical infrastructure. It takes advantage of a perfect storm of market conditions, business drivers and technologies to help companies fully realize the Love Your Data vision.

For more information, read about our Kick AaaS launch, and learn about our data services today.


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With more than two decades of experience, Lynda Partner is a veteran sales and marketing executive with an exceptional record of leading businesses to financial, operational, and market success. Throughout her career, Lynda has consistently delivered results in high-growth and start up organizations, positioning her well to build Pythian’s brand through marketing and corporate communications. Before joining Pythian, Lynda was Vice President, Marketing and Chief Communications Officer at Redline Communications where she and her team returned the company to profitability after 15 straight years of losses. As an entrepreneur, Lynda has led and founded several successful start ups, including In-Touch Survey Systems, Caravelle, and GotMarketing. Lynda was recently named WXN 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada.

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